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hey all! I'm Iz, short for Iztopher, or Darwin, not short for anything. she/they pronouns.

I'm obsessed with the Aveyond series (check out my dedicated fansite), and generally love RPG Maker and goofy high fantasy. I have a hundred different hobbies, most relating back to Aveyond but not all. I've also been branching out my media interests and have become a bit of a horror fan over the last couple years (talk to me about Saw).

This site is intended as a one-stop shop for me to talk about all of that! From my Aveyond-themed cookie recipes to my original RPG Maker projects to my monthly media log, a little bit of all of it will go here.

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Website Updates

26 Feb 2024. Added tags to the blog, courtesy of 3legged! (also swapped around the order of the "previous" and "next" blog links – don't be alarmed)

17 Feb 2024. Second muse up!

14 Feb 2024. Started working on my RPG maker page.

9 Feb 2024. Finished making individual pages for each of my fanfics, as well as uploading PDFs! This means the fic page is officially done!

8 Feb 2024. First muse up!

8 Feb 2024. Got the fanfiction page nice and organized!

7 Feb 2024. Joined Muse Ariadne, a writing club!

5 Feb 2024. Edited recurring entries in my media journal to link back to each other.

To-Do List

  • Finish RPG Maker page
  • Run through site with WAVE and make changes accordingly
  • Fix remaining mobile issues (honeycomb buttons & page widths, mostly)
  • Make art page
  • Make shrines!